KBC Lottery Winner 2021

You may have heard about the Indian television show “KBC lottery winner 2021” that has made a significant contribution to change the life of people. Now, the KBC lottery 2021 is playing an important role to bring a 360-degree turn into the lives of people by providing them an opportunity to attain all luxuries of life by winning massive lottery prize money. For more information please keep visiting this KBC official website 


WARNING: Don’t receive fake lottery calls from PAKISTANI numbers starting from 00923**** and +923*****. Such numbers are using the name of KBC to do fraud. If you receive any call related to the lottery/prize inform us.

KBC Head Office Number Kolkata 0019188444170

Play KBC Game Online And Win Up to 7,00,00,000

Great news for all KBC Season (KBC Lottery Winners) viewers! Now you don’t have to register to participate. KBC is connected to all SIM card companies in India. 

Your SIM card can also be included in the KBC Lucky Draw 2021 and you can be the lucky winner for this season. Stay connected with KBC and be careful from the fake lottery calls and SMS. 

KBC Lottery Winner 2021 25 Lakh List

Now we are showing the latest KBC lottery winner 2021 25 lakh list here:

  • Mr. Anwar Ali Tamba  Lottery Amount 25 Lakh Winning Date 01 January 2021.
  • Mr. Nasir Khan Guro Lottery Amount 25 Lakh Winning Date 01 January 2021.
  • Ms. Younis Gulaam Bi Bi Lottery Amount 25 Lakh Winning Date 01 January 2021.
  • Mr. Ram Pandey Ji Lottery Amount 25 Lakh Winning Date 01 January 2021.
  • Mr.  Irfan Shetty Lottery Amount 25 lakh Winning Date 01 January 2021.
  • Ms. Anjali Sharma Lottery  Amount 25 lakh Winning Date 01 January 2021.
  • Mr. Ahmad Khan Lottery Amount 25 Lakh Winning Date 01 January 2021.

We have updated all the KBC lottery winner 2021 25 lakh list on this KBC official website. For more information about KBC JIO lottery winner list please call KBC head office number Mumbai 0019188444454 thanks. Furthermore information please keep visiting KBC Official Website.

If you don’t have KBC lottery number then call at KBC head office number to get it. Thanks!

Important News For New Winners of KBC!

KBC has established new lottery information center. It will help all KBC customers in future and for KBC lottery winner 2021 as well. Now you can check your lottery online through it and stay protected from the fake calls. If you don’t know how to check the lottery online then call at lottery information center and get your registered lottery number and check the lottery yourself.


Dear customer if you receive any call related to KBC lottery first make sure that either it’s real or fake. To make you aware, information is available on KBC official website related to different type of fraud that people are doing by using the name of KBC. Nowadays’ people are getting a lot of fake calls from the unknown numbers so, if you receive any call or lottery number then inform at our main head office number immediately.

Call Jio Kbc HeadOffice Number Mumbai 0019188444459.

Alert! People are receiving fake lottery calls from numbers starting from 00923** and +923***. If you are receiving such calls then report at KBC head office number 0019188444474 Thanks!

KBC Lottery 

Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) is a TV show which is offering the lottery under their name of the KBC lottery. In this lottery all India sim card users get automatically recognized as a lottery holder. At last some of the users get the opportunity to win the lottery and get the prize money. KBC lottery offers the amount of 25 lakhs KBC lottery to the winner of the lottery which is a good sum of money.

The upcoming 12th season of KBC giving lottery lottery will be held in 2021 with some more surprises. Selection of the prize winners are done by the authority who update the online site regularly to maintain transparency. More than hundred KBC prize winners are listed every day. On a regular basis the list of prize winners are updated in the website. KBC TV show get an extra popularity for the lottery from KBC that is being held. KBC also contributes in overcoming the state of the unprivileged people.

This lottery policy also creates an opportunity for improvement of people’s lifestyles who are needy. Among this there are several criminal organizations who are busy spreading various types of rumours and providing wrong information via phone calls and other ways. They also claim themselves as legal authority assurance and then demand a specific amount of money for you getting the winning prizes. They snatch money from common people by misguiding people and showing them fake offer of winning the prize of KBC lottery. So you should be conscious about these frauds. To get rid of these types of harassment, you can just easily contact KBC lottery authority using the helpline contact number which is 0019188444479. The helpline number must be proper or else you would get fraud again and again, to fulfill the communication with the head office the number must be correct.

Instructions for Winners
  • You can collect any information related to your SIM card. 
  • Keep your prize information to yourself due to security reasons. You can call us for further information about lottery cash.  
  • If you’ll do publicity of your prize then the company would not be able to help you because anyone can buy duplicate SIM and harm your family. 
  • If you have win the prize please visit this KBC Official Website kbcofficialwebsite.com.
  • Our duty is to inform you about all the potential dangers and your responsibility is to beware and alert. 
            Thank you.

What is the KBC Lucky Draw 2021

Are you Looking for relevant information about the KBC Lucky Draw 2021? If so, don't worry; we have done the heavy lifting for you! Here you will get to know everything about the KBC lucky draw 2021. As you know, due to several factors like KBC draw winner awards are enormous and many more, this show has become part of most households in India. This show is fun, and apart from it, there are many things to learn from it. 

So, if you are planning to join the list of the next KBC lucky draw or want to know about KBC Lucky Draw 2021, go through this post and read on to learn about lucky draws and how to participate in the KBC lucky draw list!

First, let's have an answer to the most daunting question that might arise in your mind before going forward: Is there any lucky draw in KBC? The response is yes to this question. KBC organizes a lucky draw where every person has a chance to win an Rs. 25 Lakh cash prize. Although many false lucky draws are named with the same name as "KBC Lucky Draw," they are not all the true ones. Therefore, make sure to check it once by approaching the KBC head office advisors before applying for any of the KBC lucky draws.

KBC Head Office experts will help you know whether you're signed up for the truth or the false KBC lucky draw. To prevent some form of scam or risk, it is necessary for you always to verify the authority of the KBC lucky draw. Now let's have a quick look to know what exactly the lucky KBC draw is!

KBC Lottery Number Check Online

The steps are easy as it is, go to your browser after getting a call or message from KBC about your winning lottery and open the official portal of KBC lottery ticket check about your number and the lottery number that is given, put them in the given blank spaces and check. Never get faked by anyone of getting a lottery. They may fake you in the names of KBC a trusted platform, and ask for money that you may give easily in the name of lottery winning. You can complain anytime to the head office of KBC if you get through any fake call or message, the office will take the needed steps against those fraud people. There are many frauds now from neighboring places from where there are people behind these frauds. Always check before taking any decision because if you pay the money the ask for, you will get it back. So call up the official number and tell them about the fraud person and they will take the needful action against them. The winner list is updated timely and you may check your standings anytime in the official portal and never get faked by others.